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My name is Moritz and I bring digital projects to life. I am the Managing Director at Liquid Democracy, a non-profit where we make software to foster digital participation. Previously I worked as a Project Manager and UX Designer at 3pc, a digital agency in Berlin.

Others about me

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“He works very diligently in his exercise books. He develops a fine handwriting.” – School Report, Year One

“You are kinda crazy. I don’t understand you.” – Date, 2009

“provocative-cheerful” – Yearbook

Things I Do

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Scrum & Project Management

As a project manager, I supported teams of up to 9 people to develop websites and apps. Knowing traditional project management methologies, I became really interested in Scrum and Agile approaches. I currently support two Scrum teams as Scrum Master/Proxy Product Owner and recently took a course to becoma a Certified Scrum Product Owner to further my knowledge.

  • CSPO Certified Scrum Product Owner (July 2015, Scrum Alliance)
  • Project Manager with 2 years of working experience in a digital agency
  • Teamwork rules the planet!

UX Design

I stongly belive that great products should have very focussed goals and ideas at their core. As I UX Designer and Product Owner I try to support customers and teams to generate ideas and define goals for their products. Here are some methods I used in the past.

  • Workshops to define user needs or product strategy
  • prototyping in Axure RP or HTML/CSS
  • user research via qualitative interviews or observation

Design & Code

I design websites, apps and other digital products. I also know how to write modern HTML, CSS/SASS, some JavaScript and some PHP to make all those crazy ideas come to life on screens of all sizes. I mostly use my coding and design skills to design prototypes and communicate effectively with developers and designers.

  • HTML and SASS/CSS to prototype ideas and design smaller websites
  • PHP and JavaScript to make prototypes interactive
  • Frameworks and CMS like jQuery, Bootstrap, TYPO3, Wordpress and Kirby CMS

You and Me

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